How To Whiten A Yellowed Surfboard?

Do you want to know the ideas to whiten a yellowed surfboard? If that is the case, then you should know all about “How to whiten a yellowed surfboard?” 

Having a yellow surfboard is normal. If you are using your board outdoors for a long time, it will turn yellow because of the UV rays. That is why you should protect your surfboard and take the necessary precautions. 

how to whiten a yellowed surfboard

In this article, I would like to discuss the factors of surfboards and their discoloration so that you can solve the issue. Let’s get into the detailed information. 

Why Does A Surfboard Turn Yellow? 

Turning a surfboard yellow is a common thing when you see any old surfboard. The top layer of the surfboards turns yellow when it is open in direct sunlight. The top layer of the boards is made of resin. Because of the UV rays, surfboards turn yellow. 

The work of the resin is to protect the foam from any UV damage. Although resin has a UV filter additive, the foam underneath can still be damaged and turn yellow. And the sun can maximize the damage. Exposure to direct sunlight can degrade both the boards with and without UV inhibitors and stabilizers. 

Besides, if there is no layering and the foam is unprotected, this can also be a reason to turn the boards yellow. So, if you don’t protect your foam core, it turns yellow for sure. All these things encourage the yellowing process. 

To be practical, it’s impossible to keep your surfboards inside and away from sunlight. So, turning yellow is common for almost all surfboards. And at one point, you will need to repair this damage. 

Causes for Surfboard to Turn Yellow 

Several causes are there that can turn your surfboard yellow. The main cause of it is exposure to direct sunlight. Besides, it can happen if the foam is unprotected. Check out the reasons why surfboards turn yellow over time. 

  • Unprotected Foam 

If your surfboard is not protected and covered properly, you will be highly likely to damage it. Prolonged exposure is also a reason for the damage. Generally, the foam core of the board is covered with epoxy resins and fiberglass. The foam underneath should be protected with some additives and a resin top layer. It helps to protect it from any breaks. 

But if it doesn’t have the proper protection, the intense and high amounts of radiation can enter into the unprotected foam and discolor them. Thus, it turns yellow. In this case, you will use salt water to minimize the effects. 

  • UV Radiation 

One of the main reasons for turning the surfboards yellow is UV radiation. When you are out with your surfboard on a beach in the sun, it will surely get yellow because of the prolonged exposure and light. The power of UV radiation can damage the board surface just like it does on the skin and sunburn. 

In this way, discoloration occurs when the foam is covered with epoxy resin or polyester resin, it won’t affect, even if there is intense UV radiation. The reason is it contains a UV filter additive that becomes helpful to minimize the effect. 

Resins help to protect the surfboard for a long time. That doesn’t mean it will protect in the same way if you keep your board under high exposure for too long. If it is white surfboards or fiberglass boards, the effects of discoloration will be more visible. The main reason is the UV light.

Tips to Prevent Your Surfboard From Turning Yellow 

There are several ways to prevent damage to your surfboard from turning yellow. You need to decide what way you will pick. Let’s see what options you have to protect the surfboard construction from sunlight. Check the details first. 

Preventative Care 

To prevent yellowing, you need to simply have some preventative care. UV radiation and sunlight don’t do any good for surfboards. That’s why you should take some preventative measures to ensure its safety. You can get a surfboard bag to store your board in it. Most of the bags come with a high degree of padding. And it protects the board from any breaks when you travel with it. You can find a surfboard bag in any store and it’s quite cheap. 

Moreover, some other bags have heat reflective technologies that help a lot to prevent damage. It avoids the bags getting too hot. So, take the preventative steps to take good care of your board. 

Control and Repair Damages 

Repairing damages is tiring. So, make sure you control the damages if possible. If there is any direct damage to the layers of resin, it directly affects the foam blank as well. If you see any crack or break, you should take immediate action to repair it.  


Besides, try to control the damage before it’s too late. First, rinse the surfboard by using freshwater. Try to avoid saltwater as it can bring the breakdown of the foam core and enhance the damages. Also, check what things you will need to repair the damage and get it all from online or any local surf shop near you. 

Get a Board Bag 

The easiest and basic thing is to cover the board with a board bag if the foam is exposed. If you don’t want to take the hassle, then you should be careful from the very beginning. If you store your board in a board bag, it will reduce the amount of UltraViolet light that can get into your board in the first place. You can find a surfboard bag in any store and it’s quite cheap. 

When you have to be outdoors, you can travel with it. And if it is exposed to direct exposure for long periods, the bag can protect the epoxy from damage. There are some other bags also available that have not only UV protection but also heat reflective technologies. All these things help if the surfboard turns yellow. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

As you know that UV rays of the sun can damage the surfboard, you should avoid direct sunlight to protect it. Most of the time, you will use your surfboard outside. So, it’s tough to protect it from direct sunlight for too long. But you just need to try as much as you can. 

Surfboard Facelift 

This is another technique that you can apply to clear out all the damages on the fiberglass or epoxy resins of the foam blanks. And it will be effective if the discoloration is superficial on the outside part of the board. 

How to Remove Yellow Discoloration From Your Surfboard? 

If you want to remove yellow discoloration, the first thing you should do is care. Your board shouldn’t be damaged when you are doing this discoloration process. UV protection is a must, in this case, to avoid the board turning yellow. And if it is the fiberglass board, your board needs more protection.  Let’s see the details to know more about the yellow discoloration and how you can remove it. 

Paint The Surfboard 

To protect the surfboard from yellowing, you can repaint it. This can be a little expensive, but it is a good way for you to increase the lifespan of your surfboard. Also, if your previous color is old, you can change it and that gives your board a brand-new look. 

Surfboard printed

Before painting the board, make sure you properly clean the surface. It is because it should not have any wax, oil, or dust on it. To paint the board, you have to ensure all these things. To remove wax, you can use a wax comb. Acetone and a damp cloth are useful for removing the substances properly. 

Once you are done cleaning the board, you can smooth out the surface by using a piece of 32-grit sandpaper. When the surface is smooth enough, you can proceed with the further step. Apply the acrylic paint and paint all over the area. After that, seal it with a UV-resistant finish. Leave it to dry the paint properly. You can check out acrylic paint on amazon. 

Polish The Surfboard 

If you want to remove yellow discoloration from your surfboard, then you can polish it. A Scotch Brite Pad will be helpful for the polishing as if it is an abrasive pad that is made of aluminum oxide. It can repair the dings of the soft tops. This probably includes long sessions but the entire process is worth the try. 

All you need to do is gently rub it on the discolored areas of the board. When you do it, you will see the discoloration is starting to come out. Scotch Brite Pad won’t ruin the poly resins of the fiberglass. So, do it to remove discoloration and have a better surfing experience. 

Are There Surfboards Available That Don’t Turn Yellow? 

Yes, there are some surfboards available that don’t turn yellow. Most people think that soft tops are only for newbies. Foam top surfboards gained a lot of popularity and they can even compete with the traditional ones. The best thing about them is they don’t turn yellow. 

There was a time when foam surfboards looked ugly. But the upgraded designs are more attractive nowadays. You will find a lot of options out there to choose your favorite one from. Another thing is you don’t even need to wax these boards. This is more beginner-friendly. You can also have a foam top board as well as a fiberglass top board. Try one of them. 

As you already know, yellowing is most visible to the white surfboards. You will notice less yellow discoloration in colored epoxy resin boards. But the soft top surfboards don’t turn yellow and you can use them for a few years. 

Now ask yourself, Epoxy Vs Foam Surfboards– what is the best choice? If you don’t find out, don’t be disappointed. Let’s check our explanation!

How Do You Clean A White Surfboard? 

To clean your white surfboard in the right way, you need to prepare the board first. Take the necessary arrangements that you need like a wax comb, hairdryer, warm water, coconut oil, surfboard cleaning spray, towel, cloth, and more. 

Clean Surfboard

The first thing you need to do is take the board and place it near sunlight. After that, create diagonal cuts by using a wax comb. It helps to remove any remaining old wax. Then apply warm water to the board to clean it properly. Take the surfboard cleaning spray and spray it all over the place. Now, take a clean cloth and coconut oil to wipe down the areas. That’s all you need to clean a whiteboard. 

How Do You Remove Old Wax From A Surfboard? 

You can remove the old wax from your surfboard. All you need is to take the proper step at the right time. Make sure to strip off the old wax before applying a new coat. If you don’t do that, the new one will stick with the old one and you cannot get a better finish. 

Advanced surfers, should do the removing process 4 times a year. On the other hand, if you are an avid surfer, you can wax your board every day and remove the old wax once a week. Make sure you check whether there are any cracks or dings on the board. If you see any cracks, you should immediately repair them before applying a new layer of wax. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Does Removing Old Wax Help Surfboards Last Longer? 

Yes, if you remove old wax and put a new layer of wax regularly, there is a chance of it lasting longer than before. 

2. How Long Does A Surfboard Last? 

A standard surfboard lasts depending on its type and construction of it. A standard fiberglass surfboard can last up to 5-10 years. On the other hand, if it is an epoxy surfboard, it will probably last for around 15-20 years. Foam top surfboards can last for 5-10 years and the hybrid one is for 10-20 years depending on the quality. 

3. Can you fix a yellow surfboard? 

You can fix a yellow surfboard. All you need to do is take the proper steps before it’s too late. You can paint it, remove the wax, and re-wax it or take some preventative measures to get rid of it. 

4. Is a yellow surfboard bad? 

A yellow surfboard is not that bad. It happens because of UV radiation, and the heat of the sun. Surfers who use their surfboard regularly in the sun can yellow their board quickly. The light of the sun is also responsible for this. If the foam core is not protected in the right way, it can turn yellow. 

5. Do epoxy surfboards turn yellow? 

Most poly resins that are used in making surfboards have a UV filter additive. It can protect the foam underneath from UV damage. Although it has the feature, it can still turn yellow. But it affects the board less than any other board that doesn’t have this feature.  

6. Do white surfboards turn yellow? 

White surfboards turn yellow. Because of the color, it becomes more visible than any other color on a surfboard. No matter if it’s an epoxy one or fiberglass lamination, if it’s white, it will be more visible. 

7. Why Does Surf Wax Turn Brown?  

Sometimes you notice that your surf wax turns brown day by day. But why does it happen? The basic reason for it is dirt, sand, or dust. It gets stuck in the wax. That is the reason your wax turns grey or brown over time. 

Wrap Up 

Now that you know the things about “how to whiten a yellowed surfboard”, you can take the necessary steps to remove the yellowish color from the board. Having a yellow board is normal, that’s how the boards live. The more you use the surfboard, the more it will turn yellow. You just need to be patient for the long sessions. 
Try to take all the suggestions that we have given you and take the necessary steps to follow that to remove discoloration. Take good care of your surfboard and it won’t turn yellow as fast as before.

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