Epoxy Vs Foam Surfboards – What is the Best Choice?

Do you face difficulties choosing the right surfboards for you? If that is the case, then we can get you covered. Check the details about epoxy vs foam surfboards in this post to know better. 

Both epoxy and foam surfboards are good. But they have a lot of differences as well. You need to know what type of surfboard you need according to your situation. 

epoxy vs foam surfboards

In this post, we are going to show you the comparison of these two types of surfboards so that you can figure out what kind of board will suit your body, weight, and preference. Let’s check out the details to know more. 

About Epoxy and Foam Surfboard 

Epoxy surfboards are made from foam blanks and foam surfboards are made from high-density foam along with a slick plastic base. Epoxy boards are lightweight and can give better buoyancy. And foam boards are more stable. Foam ones are perfect for beginners whereas epoxy ones are for advanced-level surfers. Both are good but you need to choose one according to your preference and what kind of experience you have. 

If you want an affordable surfboard, then you can easily get this kind of surfboard foam to learn how to surf and have fun. Foam surfboards often offer more than you can expect. Foam ones became everyone’s personal preference as it was considered as the alternative to balsa wood. The high performance of PU surfboards gets recognition. And epoxy is popular because the hallmark of epoxy boards is that they are incredibly tough and light. You will get both the lightweight facility and good floating experience all in this epoxy surfboard.

Similarities Between Epoxy Vs Foam Surfboards

The major similarity is that both surfboards are made from foam. One is made from foam blanks and the other one is from high-density foam with a base of slick plastic. Both are useful in their own way. They are not too expensive. You can have various kinds of them as well. So, you can get a lot of similarities between epoxy and foam surfboards. 

Epoxy surfboards have an innovative technology that came to attention quite later. It caught on in the 90s. Epoxy boards are typically made from EPS foam core and coated in epoxy resin. EPS is an open-cell foam. So, it helps to be absolutely water absorbent. 

PU is created by using polyurethane foam by glassing it with a polyester resin. It also makes the foam water-resistant just like the epoxy one. It doesn’t soak up easily that keeps the board light.  

Moreover, epoxy helps to make the boards stable, durable, and extremely tough. Foam one is also stable. The good part is it is light that doesn’t mean it doesn’t float you well. So, it is lightweight, and easy to float. 

Epoxy Vs Foam Surfboards: What’s The Difference? 

To know the difference between epoxy and foam surfboards, you should check all the details first. 

Epoxy surfboards are made from EPS foam. On the other hand, Foam surfboards are boards that are made from high-density polystyrene foam along with a base of slick plastic. So, if you want something new, you can get an epoxy board that is built with an epoxy foam core. And if you want the stable one, you can go with foam boards. 

Epoxy onew are glassed epoxy surfboards with epoxy resin. It doesn’t flex at all as the fiberglass ones do. Most of the epoxy boards last for a long time. On the other hand, if you want to start surfing, you can get a foam surfboard that is made of Clark foam, or polystyrene foam. It is beginner-friendly. 

Furthermore, EPS foam is not that dense like polyurethane. That is why it helps you to float better than general fiberglass boards or PU boards. You will get a better experience if you ride a shorter epoxy board as it gives you more maneuverability. And the American Chemistry Council says about foam boards that polyurethane performs well as it is formed by reacting the hydroxyl with a polymeric isocyanate or diisocyanate in the presence of additives and catalysts. 

Epoxy Surfboards Pros and Cons 

To know all about epoxy surfboards, you need to check out all the details including the pros and cons of it. Let’s check it below. 

Pros of Epoxy Surfboards 

  • Epoxy surfboards are beginner-friendly. The reason is it is easier to handle, floats better, and is lighter as well. 
  • It floats better because it is lightweight. The construction of the surfboard is from surfboard foam blanks that are made of EPS foam. It also offers buoyancy. That is why it will be easier to catch waves. 
  • It lasts longer than fiberglass surfboards. For that reason, you don’t have to buy a new surfboard often. 
  • This surfboard doesn’t get waterlogged. So, there is no chance of getting the board heavy. 
  • Epoxy ones are less dingable. When the traditional fiberglass board is prone to cracking, dinging, and erosion, epoxy ones will save you from that as they are a lot more forgiving. 
  • This epoxy board weighs less than fiberglass surfboards. This makes a lot more difference when it’s time to surf. 

Cons of Epoxy Surfboards 

  • One drawback is it costs a little more. There are better options out there according to the affordability. 
  • This is a lot lighter for experienced surfers. So, they may feel annoyed if they use it. 
  • As this is a completely new technology, it will be a bit difficult to know all the facts about it. In that case, some people prefer traditional ones as they are familiar enough. 

Foam Surfboards Pros and Cons 

There are also some advantages and disadvantages of foam surfboards. See what these are: 

Pros of Foam Surfboards 

  • Foam surfboards come with the latest and innovative technology 
  • These are made of EPS foam core that are wrapped in a EVA that makes the surfboard more durable 
  • This is lightweight so the surfing will be easier with it 
  • This becomes anti-slip because of having EVA material 
  • It enhances rider performance and experience 

Cons of Foam Surfboards 

  • Foam surfboards are less maneuverable 
  • The additional volume can make the boards difficult to surf 

Are Epoxy or EPS environmentally friendly?

If we talk about EPS, we will notice that it is more environmentally friendly than foam surfboards. This is not only a stronger surfboard foam but also less toxic than the other ones. And that makes it environmentally friendly as well. EPS also helps to come down the harmful “Volatile Organic Compounds” and release them to the air while continuing the shaping process. 

EPS can be recycled. So, it becomes the best choice than the foam surfboard if you want a sustainable surfboard. Further, you can find this expanded polystyrene foam in the products that are used to make the construction of eco-friendly surfboards. 

This is combined with fiberglass alternatives and bio-resin that helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the board. This kind of resin is the only resin that is used to make EPS foam. And that is more useful than the foam one. 

epoxy surfboards environment

This is a stronger and more flexible element than foam surfboards to snap back into a certain shape. It is better than polyester as well. 

Are Epoxy boards more durable than EPS? 

Epoxy boards are more durable and tough compared to EPS, fiberglass surfboards and more. If you are the one who is looking for a single surfboard, you can go with an epoxy board and avoid foam one. This could be an incredible choice for you. It is also a great option for beginner surfers. They are a bit more expensive than foam boards but they last for a long time. 

EPS or Epoxy Surfboard For Beginners

Epoxy surfboards are a good choice for beginner surfers. The quality of these kinds of surfboards helps to make surfing easier for any surfer. Not only just the quality but also the buoyancy helps the beginners to paddle into waves effortlessly. So, riding the epoxy boards will be easier for them even if they are not advanced. 

Besides, the surfboard manufacturing is also good. And as a result, it provides much durability. It lasts through the whole learning session. 

There is a traditional fiberglass surfboard or fiberglass board that can have crackings and dings. But epoxy boards can solve this problem for you. It has fewer dings and erosion. So, it becomes much more comfortable for beginners to use than any traditional fiberglass.  

Which surfboard is Best For Me- Epoxy Vs Foam? 

Talking about the best fit, epoxy surfboards are a better choice as they have a lot of facilities compared to the other ones. If you want a budget-friendly board that has a bunch of good facilities, you should go with the epoxy one. It will be easier to use, lightweight, and affordable as well. 

Best Epoxy Surfboards Reviews 

If you want to know about some of the best epoxy surfboards, then you can see the product list we are going to show you. Let’s see what the products are. 

1. South Bay Board Co. Hybrid Wax-Free Soft-Top Surfboard 

This is a soft-top epoxy surfboard with a lot of amazing features. This is considered the best hybrid surfboard of all. It is best for both kids and adults to surf easily. The design, and performance are also great for beginners and advanced surfers as well. It has a modern performance shape, I-Beam Stringers, wax-free textures, wooden armor, and lots more. 

All the things make a good-quality surfboard of all. The dimensions are made in a way that surfers can easily understand. These are easy and amazing fun shapes that you enjoy while surfing. It also has a wide thruster Nose to give extra float. These things make it an incredible epoxy soft-top surfboard to use. 

2. South Bay Board Co. Pro-Series Surfboards 

This is another good epoxy surfboard from South Bay Board Co. This is one of their Pro-series collections that offers the best quality boards to surf. Their modern performance shapes, patented designs, unique wood and carbon fiber aesthetic I-Beam stringers make it one of the best value epoxy boards of all. 

Moreover, the incredible and easy fun shapes are there to make you ride the board without much trouble. It also has a performance thruster nose along with an entry rocker that helps to avoid pearling. The double-winged pin tail works for modern performance surfing. Also, the widened chest area helps to pop up easily. The single concave/V-Exit bottom deck is another great feature of them. All the things make it more durable and usable. 

Surfboards are the most important part of surfing. Surfboards are made with different materials and serve different purposes. Check out the best 5 surfboards from South Bay.

3. Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board 

The surfboard catches everyone’s attention because of the colorful patterns. It is designed with a transaction pad and a free leash. Having this makes the board comfortable to use. This foam board is suitable for beginners as well. You can enjoy quality time with it to have a nice finish surfing experience. 

Furthermore, the construction is durable. It is made of slick HDPE high-speed bottom and durable foam. And that makes a responsive and strong bottom skin that helps to create a stiff surface to enhance the board speed. Besides, the surfboard has an EPE deck, durable foam top, PP ahrd slick bottom, and EPS core. The design of the removable fins is incredible. 

📌 Looking for the best surfboard fins for speed? Check out our guide to find the right option for you.

The fishtail provides more traction, hold, and more area from rail to rail. In an overall sense, this product is ideal for adults, kids, and children. This is the most convenient surfboard you can ever have. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Do Pro Surfers Use Epoxy Boards? 

Pro surfers can use epoxy boards if they enjoy the features. These are the perfect fit for advanced-level surfers. But it can be a bit annoying for those who don’t like basic features. So, they should know the features first then but if they like. 

2. Are Epoxy Surfboards Good For Beginners? 

Yes, epoxy surfboards are good for beginners. This is easy to use. It is made in such a way that any type of surfer can use and have fun with it. 

3. Do Epoxy Surfboards Float Better? 

Epoxy surfboards float better than PU boards. The reason is it is lightweight. This is made of good construction as well. All the things make it strong which makes it float better. 

4. Can You Use Polyester Resin On Epoxy Surfboards? 

You cannot use these two together. You have to be aware that the polystyrene core of the epoxy surfboard and polyester resin should not mix. If it does, it may eat away all the polystyrene core. 

Wrap Up 

To conclude, all you have to do is make sure that the surfboard you choose will fulfill your requirements. Fiberglass boards, polyester resin, PU boards, epoxy boards all are good if you use them properly. The surfboard should not sit lower in the water. It should float to make you feel comfortable while surfing. 

This is what you should be aware of. Check out all the details about “epoxy vs foam surfboards” to clear out all your confusion.  Get a suitable surfboard and enjoy surfing! 

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